Product Care

Indoor Timber Products

All of our indoor furniture is finished with a quality hardwax oil. This finish maintains the natural qualities of the timber. While it will provide some protection from moisture and stains, it is penetrable.

Regularly wipe your surface with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt, as these can cause abrasion if left to accumulate.

If you spill liquid on the surface, use a soft damp cloth to clean it up as soon as possible, as pooling will cause staining. Avoid placing hot objects on timber surfaces.

Keep out of direct sunlight as timber will discolour.

Be aware of spaces that have excessive humidity (Bathrooms, laundries etc) as this can cause timber to warp.

If you’re placing things on your timber surface, be aware that sharp or abrasive objects will cause damage.

Don’t use any industrial cleaners on the timber as they will cause damage to the finish.


Outdoor Timber Products 

As a general rule, furniture will age more quickly outdoors. Raw steel and timber will discolour over time. While we use the most weather appropriate materials that are available, there are still a few important things to remember to help you get the most out of your piece.

Direct sunlight will accelerate discolouration and may cause your piece to warp over time. Where possible, protect your piece from excessive sun.

Rain will cause timber to stain and deteriorate more quickly, so we recommend keeping your piece undercover.

All of our outdoor furniture is finished with weatherproof oil. We can provide you with a bottle so that you can re-apply yourself every 6 months. 

Lightly sand the surface to remove grit and apply liberally with a rag. Leave for 5 minutes and then wipe off excess with a clean rag. Allow 12 hours after application before use.


Velet and Linen Upholstery 

Velvet covers are dry-clean only.

Linen covers may be dry cleaned or gentle machine washed to 40°c. Allow for 2 percent shrinkage.


Dream Weavers

The frames of our Dream Weavers are very delicate, and once misshapen are very hard to repair, so care must be taken when installing or moving them.


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