When we started Pop & Scott in 2012, we wanted to create a space that nurtured creative talent, and pursue our passion for modern Australian design. 

In addition to creating our own range, we’ve collaborated with so many talented artists and makers, all of whom bring a unique quality to their work.

We celebrate the value of the human touch and a lot of what we do emphasises a handmade quality. It takes a bit more time, but the results speak for themselves.

Whether in a residential or commercial space, our pieces are made for the contemporary Australian lifestyle.

This informs our design process: from creating a timeless aesthetic, choosing quality materials, and engaging in an ethical means of production.

As our business has grown, we’ve welcomed the challenge to make it more efficient, less wasteful and more sustainable for the long term. We are constantly looking for new ways to integrate doing what we love in to a more ethical business model. 

Our furniture is hand-made from sustainably-sourced Australian timbers, all of which are FSC and PEFC certified and go through a chain of custody, ensuring accountability from the forest to you.

We ship our pieces worldwide.


Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson

Partners in life and in business, Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson have been running Pop & Scott since 2012. As the business has grown, so too has the family with their kids Frida, Lou and Veda.

Poppy's training as a florist has given her an exceptional eye for design and aesthetics, and Scott is a talented craftsmen who takes their ideas and turns them into reality. 

They're incredibly passionate about modern Australian design: whether it's architecture, furniture or homewares and it's something that continues to influence their creative process.

Never contented with staying still, Poppy and Scott have travelled extensively together and have a great love for the Australian landscape, drawing inspiration from its scenery. They are constantly creating new designs and refining old ones, creating beautiful, high-quality pieces that they themselves would be proud to own.