Petrina Bedford - Arawadi

Title: Arawadi

Limited Edition of 30

Artists Statement: This is an Arawadi. They are warriors and they are painted into the cave's at Bell Gorge. My Grandfather (Jack Dale Mengenen) painted them too. Usually, they have arms and legs and spears. I have mixed their head with the body of a Wandjina. Arawadi aren't Wandjina's but a Wandjina did swallow them! They came from Warmun area (East Kimberly). They were greedy for country they wanted to take Ngarinyin country for themselves. The Ngarinyin Wandjina Amalarr said no. Then he called all the other Wandjinas to come and help fight the Arawadi.

The Wandjinas won the fight. Amalarr took away their spears and swallowed the warriors. In his guts they grew bigger and bigger each day until they burst out. But they weren't Arawadi anymore they were all kinds of animals crawling across the country back towards Turkey Creek. Woodblock print by Petrina Bedford. Story by Petrina Bedford. The Wandjina spirits are highly respected by the Worrora, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people who live at Mowanjum and along the Gibb River Road to Kalumburru in the North West Kimberley region of Western Australia. Wandjina represents the laws of everything the surrounds us trees, rivers, rocks, bush fruit and animals, all creation. The Wandjinas give the law on how we have to treat and use these creations. These customs are carried on today.

Pop & Scott have worked together with Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre and Petrina Bedford, to curate this three-piece collection. This is an ongoing relationship and initiative, that we proudly support.  Visit their website here -

Petrina Bedford’s creations speak to the infinitely cyclical nature of her heritage, culture and family’s artistic talent.  Greatly inspired by her Grandfather, Jack Dale Mengenen (now deceased), she draws on the stories passed down to her of the Ngarinyin and Gija people. Employing colours of the earth, her works radiate the West Kimberley terrain. This series of three prints represent varying forms of Wandjina spirits. Found only in the Kimberley region, the sacredness of these creation spirits runs deep through the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal people. Bringers of all creation, the ancestors first kept record of the Wandjina law through cave paintings.  Bedford has carried this ancient law into her work, finding new and subjective methods of passing on her cultural essence. 

Pop & Scott are proud members of the Indigenous Art Code, ensuring an ethical trade environment for Indigenous Artists and their artwork. For more information please click here:


30cm W x 65cm H - Un Framed

42.4 W x 79cm H x 5cm D - Framed

Coloured woodblock print

Available both Framed & Un-Framed

Framed in Tasmania Blackwood - Please allow 4-6 weeks + Shipping

Unframed - Please allow 3 weeks + Shipping



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